February 4, 2007

Decorated Frap' Bottle

This is the prize for winning the contest at our Super Bowl Party this year (the bottle, not my son!!). We've had the same party with the same lame contest for many years, although this year we scaled down the invitation due to my Mom's health issues. Despite the smaller crowd, it is party central here tonight. By the way, any idea what his T-Shirt denotes??? How I made the bottle: My son Andy "helped" me make this decorated Starbucks Frap bottle by downing the drink inside the bottle. After that, I pulled the clear labels off the bottle and then let the bottle and top soak in hot soapy water. There was no gummy residue left, but when there is I use "Goo Gone" and rub with a paper towel and re-wash the bottle. Note: Do not put these bottles in the dishwasher with the labels still on them! The decorating was easy -- I took a piece of white cardstock and cut it 2.5" wide and wrapped it around the bottle marking off where it overlapped about an inch. Then I cut it again so that it would overlap a bit, but not too much. I stamped it using Stampin Up's Sweet on You set in SU Real Red Classic ink. Then I adhered the paper by sticking plain old Scotch double sided tape all over the bottle and paper. After I put the paper on the bottle, I gave it a good rub so it would adhere. Bottle top was super easy -- using SU's 1 3/8" and 1 1/4" circle punches I punched out White and Real Red cardstock and stuck a white Prima flower on top, using Scotch tape again. Then I wrapped the bottle in yummy Red and White organza polka dot ribbon, which I purchased from Startlitstudio (link on the right). Then I filled the bottle with red foil wrapped Hershey Kisses, although now that I'm looking at this picture, I think I need to add a few more to the bottle.... Now, about my new stampin space! Several of you have asked me to post pictures of the new space. It is a disaster area. I had it semi clean for about 5 minutes yesterday and should have taken pics then, but then I had to make my Super Bowl Chili and assorted other things. I will clean the room (someday) and then will take pictures of the room and the closet, where all my stamps are stored. Speaking of stamps, I believe I have a package of new ones coming soon! Yeah


  1. Hi Joan,

    Love the new bottle that you decorated. You make it look so easy. I went out and purchased a 4 pack of Starbucks after seeing whatyou did with it the first time. Well, I dumped the drinks, cleaned the bottles and they are still waiting for me to decorate them. :) Thanks for putting up the pictures. As always your work is awesome. I have no idea what your son's T-shirt means. What does it mean Joan?


  2. Cute project. Looks like the symbol for Caffeine - appropriate attire for his beverage! LOL

  3. recently found your site--great stuff....and yes, your previous poster is correct--the formula on his shirt *is* caffeine! cute!;-)

  4. Joan:

    This is absolutely adorable. It is so fun and you did a great job decorating it! I would definately have to find someone to empty the bottles for me though, not a Starbucks fan (if you can believe that) but I have a whole year to find someone that will gulp it down for me....Would your son be in Colorado about this time next year?