March 14, 2007

Stampin Kub!

So many blogs, so much talent! From amidst the crowd emerges a fresh young talent. . . If you are not familiar with Kurtis, a teenage boy who has an amazing eye for design and is stamping up a storm, please check out Kurtis' website. His site includes tutorials, a blog, etc. Is it fair that he's a teenager with more talent and creativity in his thumb than this old woman (that would be me) has in her entire body??? Well, yes it is! You just have to hear the love in his words when he talks about his Mama!! Go Kurtis!


  1. I know...isn't he the greatest!!! I wish that his blog supported feeds so that I could add him to my Google Reader list. I forget to go back to his site for updates. (gasp) He really is a talented young man, and I'd love to see more men get their hands all inky!

  2. Man! I am SO impressed. Not only are his cards gorgeous - his blog is gorgeous too! Thanks for the link.

  3. This was a wonderful experience, I'll have to bookmark Kurtis' blog.
    I kept trying to concentrate and read his posts but couldn't get it out of my head that he is:
    1. male, 2. a teenager, and 3. so very creative! TFS.

    I noticed that you have changed your layout and for the life of me I can't remember the other one. I blame it on the 24hr. "BUG" that I've had for three days, everything is foggy, LOL.