July 31, 2007

I Want to Learn Digi Scrapbooking

I have Photoshop Elements 4 and an iMAC. I have Photoshop for Dummies and a couple of books/magazines on digiscrapbooking. I am still lost. Does anyone know of online classes that really work, or real life classes in the Northern VA area???


  1. No, but I think Emily Giovanni should teach them! I would come! I have a mac too and I'm lost with along with you! Let's force her into it!
    Gina K.

  2. Joan

    Kathy McD from Indiana has taken some classes - loves them! She might have some info about online classes. Her blog:


  3. Joan,

    Big Picture Scrapbooking runs a class. The teacher Renee Pearson also has a step by step book for elements with a cd of papers embellishments and templates. Here is a link to the book:


  4. There are some great tutorials on the web and I like to go to www.gottapixel.net. They have a great forum. And I have a ton of blog links with some great tutorials and freebies!

  5. Hi Joan! I just bought a magazine bound publication by Better Homes and Gardens...called the Ultimate Guide to Digital Scrapbooking. I like it!

  6. Jessica Sprague has a site (http://www.jessicasprague.com/joomla/), just for teaching digital scrapbooking, with free tutorials as well as paid-for classes (looks like a beginner one is starting in a couple weeks). She has a wonderful, easy style of writing. She also has a blog (http://spraguelab.squarespace.com/), where she posts Photoshop Friday tutorials every week.
    Starting out with Photoshop can be intimidating, but if you start simple, and use it every week (if not every day), you'll be amazed how quick you pick it up.

  7. take a look at eclectic acadamy

  8. I'm happy to see you received so many choices because I don't know anything, nada, zip, and zero about digiscrapbooking, lol and TFS.

  9. Hi Joan, Have you tried No. VA Community College or the Adult Ed classes through the county and parks? I took a regular photo class many years ago through adult ed. It was held at Annandale High. Great teacher. When we finished, there were four of us all ladies taught by a lady photgrapher. Hope that doesn't sound to sexist:)

  10. Me again, I was on the Big Picture site and the class is running starting Sept 6, here is the link

    I figure you can take the class and after bug Emily with questions ; )

  11. Joan...I don't have a Mac...but Jessica Sprague's Up and Running online class is totally da'Bomb!!! I just finished it and cannot wait until the intermediate class starts. Go check her out...