August 26, 2007

Back From Vacation

Whether it is validation in the form of comments in our galleries or on or blogs, winning a contest, or just making friends of fellow stampers, I guess in one way or another we bloggers are all looking for something, or we wouldn't take the considerable time and energy to run a blog. In my case, I learned a valuable lesson this past week about the law of unintended consequences, including how easily words can fly from my brain to my fingers (I need an editor) and then from one forum to the next, taking on a life of their own and causing genuine hard feelings. What I thought was a balanced list of suggestions to Stampin Up, including some well deserved praise, clearly was not. Upon reflection, reasonable people could look at what I said as bashing. I know I have a bit of an attitude, but I'm not interested in tearing down anything or anyone. So a huge apology to all! Now, time to go into the stamping room, where piles await.


  1. Well, Joan, this is your blog. This is where you have the right and privilege to voice your opinions, air you frustrations, and explore your theories. I have been an RSS feed subscriber for a while now--and will continue to be. I didn't agree with all of your statements--so I chose to move on.

    That is the beauty of blog reading--you spend time with what inspires you and skip over the stuff that does not. I believe that you will have other musings and articles that will inspire me (to think or create).

    So keep on being Joan. It really is what you do best. If I want a blog that does not challenge my own ideas--I will just read my own ;)

    I am glad you are home safe and sound. Now, let's stamp something!

  2. Joan, never apologize for what you say or think. They are YOUR thoughts after all. I agreed with everything you said and I didn't take it as a slam. It was helpful criticism, you are a consumer after all and they need to know what consumers want/need.

    Hang in there and good for you for sharing your honest, open thoughts on YOUR blog!! :)

    Happy Stamping!!

  3. Hi Joan,

    I think everyone has a right to voice their opinion in whatever forum they choose. If we were all rational adults, the post should have begun a discussion about the topic... not the throw down it became.

    Don't apologize.

    Have fun stamping!

  4. I agree with silvergirl. Opinions make the world go 'round. I feel free to disagree or agree, so should eveyone--in a polite manner. I loved the photos from the Warhol Gallery. Inspiration for using some of those large flower stamps. My family is from Pittsburgh, but I've not been to the gallery.

  5. I agree with those who have previously commented: your opinion, your blog. You have the right to your own voice; we have the right to visit and read or not. I personally love hearing your ideas whether I agree or disagree. Creates great food for thought. Please keep it coming (I don't think you needed to apologize) so that your voice is heard, it wakes people up, and inspires many. Glad you had a good vacation.

  6. I'm sorry that you became somewhat of a "victim". I know the list you're talking about, but haven't seen it pop up anywhere so I'm not sure what the issue is, but I can tell you that I appreciated your taking the time to share your opinion.

  7. It is your blog Joan, you should be able to be free to write what you wish on it. So don't stop being you! :D

  8. What a shame. I thought it was VERY well balanced -- written by a true lawyer :>) Seriously, I thought it was well thought out and balanced and not sure how it could be taking as trashing or bashing someone/thing. Don't stop posting!! I do enjoy your thoughts.

  9. I agree with the other posts - this is your blog, your opinion and I don't see the need for any apologies.

    I actually agreed with you, so I might be biased, but even if I didn't I stand by your right to have your say. And, I love a good arguement (debate, whatever)

    The fact that your opinion was broadcast in such a public way wasn't really in your control, IMHO.

    Yours was one of the first Papercrafting blogs I ever read, and I keep reading because it is so interesting.

    I agree - keep on being Joan!

  10. This is your blog. Why or why are some people so sensitive to someone else's opinion if it doesn't agree with their own? And why do they feel justified making someone feel like cr*p for expressing it. I love SU products and I agreed with all of your points, and again it is your blog.

  11. Leslie Springer8/26/2007 05:47:00 PM

    Joan, this is your blog. Do or say what ever you like. No apology needed. Now this said, I think the whole problem came down to "someone" doing some copy/paste action from your blog to "other sites". This I think was wrong, but I have been told that what is posted to the internet is "open" for anyone to do as they please with. I don't know if this is true or not. I think your were blindsided by that. But now we all know this can happen now. Been reading your blog for awhile now and totally enjoy it. I look FORWARD to more of your "Opinions Posts"

  12. I agree whole heartedly with the other posts! I think it's so important to have honest opinions out there... I have been where you are now (see this post on CC... and it really taught me that some people are just very sensitive. Companies like SU take on a large fan base of devoted crafters... they will defend their beloved SU to the end. But in my own opinion... this is sometimes beyond rational thought.

    Your OPINIONS are valid... and honest... and YOURS. And that is what makes blogging so wonderful.

    I really think there is enough 100% happy-rose-colored-glasses SU! blogging going on in cyberland. Your one small honest (not bashing) post did take on a "life of it's own"... but I think it was a valuable contribution to the stamping blog world.

  13. wow! I did not think there was once ounce of 'bashing' and I agree whole heartedly with the other posters that you should NOT apologize nor change your style. Being you is what you do best. :) Honestly, to hell with people who don't agree--no once forces them to read it, nor do the HAVE to comment. If I read something I don't agree with, I either choose to read it, and *maybe* look at the world differently OR I close whatever I was reading that offends me. I think it has something to do with freedom of speech AND that I enjoy MY freedom to choose what I read ...or not.

  14. Frankly, I found the entire exchange fascinating - so much emotion conjured up over... rubber stamps. And I thought I was a crazed stamping enthusisiast! I am genuinely curious about why opinions about a stamp company would produce such a response.

  15. ditto what everyone else said.
    please don't stop writing your opinion..... nothing against your art, but i tune in more for your writing than anything else! i love that you type from the heart and your slightly acerbic wit. your thoughts, your ideas, your blog. power to the people joan!

  16. Joan,
    I LOVE your blog and read it faithfully. As a SU! demo myself, I LOVED your letter. I thought it was right on the mark and I thought that SU! should be grateful to receive such honest feedback. Any criticism you received should be taken with a grain of salt - it's been said many times before, but bears repeating - it's your blog, you get to say what you want - if someone disagrees, they should feel free to go find a blogger who more closely reflects their own thoughts and opinions. Thanks for sharing your great work - and more importantly, your thoughts and feelings - with us, your loyal fans. {{{Hugs}}}

  17. Welcome back, Joan!

    By the offense taken. ;)

  18. Joan,
    I read the thread as SCS after reading your blog and all I can say is I agree with you. I'm limping along in my demoship as long as I can make the minimums so I hear ya loud and clear. If I were business minded and poured my heart and soul in this I'd be on the other side. Thank the goddess I can be sane and rational :-)

  19. I wanted to thank you for sharing the pictures of your recent trip. I LOVED the shot of what the students at CM put up and I am shocked at the price of the lot of ribbon you picked up. Even more surprised that you didn't pick up even more.

    I agree with all the others who have posted before me. Thank you for giving us your point of view and being yourself. I am sorry that some people were not behaving very nicely in their posts. Kudos to the others who shared their viewpoints in support of the company. That's the kind of demo I would like servicing me. ...and I do!

    I so enjoy your blog - thank you for sharing with all of us.

  20. Joan,
    This is America! We have that wonderful thing called the Freedom of Speech. Everyone doesn't have to agree with your comments, but you are still free to make them. I thought you made some very good points concerning Stampin' Up. I love their products, but alas I am running out of room for wood stamps. I must make choices now and most of my stamps are now unmounted. There are those of us who are hard-core stamp addicts and I, for one, cannot part with any of my stamps. Stampin' Up is losing some great customers, but I guess they have enough new ones that they can loose us addicts. I only respond to a few blogs because of limited time and yours is one that I love to comment on when I can. Keep on being JOAN!

  21. Joan,

    Don't apologize! You are entitled to your opinion, feelings, etc. You expressed yourself in a very humorous, lighthearted & constructive manner. No need to apologize for that! Some people need to lighten up a bit. I know SU is a full time gig for some but not everyone is a cheerleader for SU.

    Stay real Joan - don't apologize for being you!