August 7, 2007

Joke Time!

Since my Mom's helper lady is on vacation, I took my Mom to the "55 and Over Club" today. It was literally 100 degrees today -- and so attendance was down (code orange, elderly stay inside). I so wanted to stay home and stamp, but off we went with my Mom's low sodium chicken salad sandwich and low potassium drink. Yes, I am a saint... speaking of which -- In the beginning, we pray and say the Pledge of Allegiance. Then the President (of the Club, not George Bush, ha ha, I'm on a roll tonight) reads some cute little stories and a joke. Here's the joke for this week: A couple was arguing about who should make the coffee. Wife: "I like to sleep in, it is the least you can do, since I do all the other cooking." Husband: "I have to go to work in the morning, I like to wake up to a freshly brewed cup." Wife: "But the Bible says the husband is to make the coffee." Husband: "That's ridiculous. If you can show me where it says in the Bible that the husband makes the coffee, I'll do it every day." So the wife whips out her Bible, and says, "Look here. The top of every page on this chapter says "He - Brews." Ha Ha!! I loved it!! I did make a card today, but I'm too worn out by losing at Bingo to upload it tonight. Later, alligator.


  1. That was very good. Sorry about the Bingo. Look forward to your next card. Glad your mom was able to get out. This weather does me in.

  2. You have been tagged (sorry!):

  3. You are right Joan. Bush couldn't have been at your gathering because he's here attending a wedding. Damn guy and his crazy pilot flew so low over my house that I'm surprised we still have tops left on our trees. Oh yea and it wasn't bad enough that he flew over once, but they circled and then did it all over again. They must be reading my complaints on my blog and giving me a pc. of their mind HA!