July 28, 2006

Christmas in July

Here is the beginning of my Christmas presents. If you know me, you are getting something stamped!! I figure if you amortize the cost of all supplies per card, my cards are each worth about $500, or as they say in the ads....priceless. This is autumn, soon to be followed by winter, etc. You get the drift. I love taking forever to work on one special card, but at this rate, these will be Christmas 2007 gifts. Oh to be home all day with nuttin' to do but goof around. I deserve that life!! Why oh why did I go to law school???? I swear my inner soul is Donna Reed. If you aren't old enough to remember Donna, ask your mother....


  1. You do the best things with Cheesecloth. It is beautiful.

  2. Lovely. I don't remember any of the Donna Reed types on TV having any hobbies. They always seemed to be wearing aprons. Maybe they were secret stampers and used the apron to keep the ink off their dresses. There are times when I sure could use one--like when I drop an inked stamp on my slacks:)
    Marcia D.

  3. Maybe you'll get to retire someday soon. KateD