November 15, 2006

Update/Free Stuff Idea

The good news is that I have internet access semi-restored on this computer. I can see new emails only, however. This means that I don't currently have access to the emails sent to me with all the information about paper trimmers! I think I 'll get access to all those back emails later this week -- hope! In the meantime, I wanted to address a few questions I've received over the past few weeks: 1. the container for the altered frappaccino bottles comes with the bottles. You can find them on a supermarket shelf. 2. I am not selling Stampin Up or any other product. I do not use your emails or comments for any purpose -- I don't give them to anyone else, I don't plan on contacting you with a pitch! I remain an SU demo for now (still taking advantage of the discount for myself!). Why do I do contests for $15 worth of products? I think it is simple -- it's fun! I love my little bloggettes (you readers!!) and like to reward folks for being part of this little community. Amazingly, about 5 folks a day sign up to receive an automatic feed. 3. Where's the next featured artist? Well, she's ready to go! However, my computer no longer has the ability to upload and display pictures. Really, my son is going to HAVE to go to military school!! I'm hoping to fix that little problem this weekend (not my son, the computer!!), when I have more time on my hands. ************************************************************************************* In the meantime, here's an idea on how to get totally FREE craft stuff, including a Cricut, punches, etc. We have an credit card. Every time we make a purchase we earn points towards a $25 coupon at amazon. Well, amazon sells stuff!! Yeah. Just use that credit card everywhere (pay it off every month.....) and reap the rewards. I've hogged the rewards for myself (hey, doing the bills has its privliges) and I've received about $400 worth of goodies -- cricut cartridges, scallop punches, paper, versamark, you name it, sells it!! Just a thought! Now, I hope to have the winner for the $15 worth of SU goodies announced, my camera and its software functional and tons of new stuff for this blog later this week. Bear with me!!


  1. Glad you're back up and running (sorta!). Keep doing the fun giveaways - I agree! It's great way to meet new people and I enjoy the chance to share my creativity with others!
    (I do a blog RAK with every 100th commenter and other fun giveaways quite often!)
    Thanks for sharing your fun blog with us!

  2. Thanks for the tip about the amazon credit card. I've had the Borders cc for a couple years now and get $5 certificates. I don't remember what the percent back is, something like $1 for every $150 spent. It's not too bad. But to get stuff...that sounds better than books!

    Glad you're sort of back to normal with your computer. I can't imagine losing all my stuff.

  3. good idea about the card :)
    I need to do the free give away- I have quite a few things!

  4. OMG What a great idea on the freebies with the CC! I should check into that sometime. We're looking to consolidate cards into 1-2 cards and get rid of the rest although we really don't have that many anymore. We definitely want one that gives us benefits. COOL! Thanks again for a great read!

  5. And...if you connect to from the Splitcoast web site, Splitcoast also benefits from your purchase. Details are on